Fiona Nicholson (b.1998)

'Rising' & 'Traversing' (2020)

Print on handmade Bhutanese paper, finished with natural pigments.

35cm x 25cm and 25cm x 20cm

Courtesy of the artist

Fiona Nicholson is a multidisciplinary artist based in Belfast. Upon graduating from Fine Art Painting at the Belfast School of Art with first class honours in 2020, she was awarded the Jordan Mills Memorial Prize along with a graduate membership at the Belfast Print Workshop.

She has shown work in a number of group exhibitions in venues across Belfast and is currently working on a two-person collaborative project set to open in October 2021. Working largely across drawing and lens-based media, her practice ultimately centres around making work in dialogue with nature, where she has been researching natural ink making and dyeing; drawing colour from food waste and foraged materials. Grounded in spirituality and guided by curiosity, Nicholson’s art practice exists in tandem to other practices in her life. Stillness, reflection, duality, and emergence are ideas she often finds herself returning to, evident in the quiet and meditative depths of her work.

Careful consideration of materials and their impact is apparent in the work where natural, handmade, repurposed, or found materials often cohabit. Whilst much of the work is made in response to serious environmental concerns — personal narrative and lived experience are inextricable from this. Speaking to thoughts on joy, hope and being, Nicholson’s practice is heartfelt and deeply intuitive.