Gary Shaw (b.1962)


Watercolour on paper

56cm x 76cm

Courtesy of the artist

Gary Shaw is an English artist who studied fine art at the University of South Australia, where he had several group and solo shows. After relocating to Belfast, Northern Ireland he attained his master’s degree in fine art at the University of Ulster and continues to live in the city. Shaw’s work has been shown in the USA (with a residency in New York), Australia, Canada (Banff Residency), China, Indonesia, Germany and Spain, as well as shows throughout the UK and Ireland. He utilises a variety of mediums, such as paint and graphite as well as digital tools like an iPad to create abstract pieces.

The endless variety of patterns and colours has always appealed to Shaw, as witnessed by the blocks of solid colour in this piece. The idea of filling an entire artwork with pattern has a rich history, something he is alluding to in his work and can be seen in this example. In particular Shaw is inspired by the tradition of quilt-making, with its geometric designs and vibrancy of colours inspiring many of his pieces.