Kate O'Neill

Crumbles Under Pressure

Sculpture - 3 elements

Each approx 37cm x 37cm x 30cm

Courtesy of the artist


Kate O’Neill is a multidisciplinary artist exploring space within cities through drawing, sculpture, and installation. Influenced by architecture and feminist geography, her practice considers spatial structures and attempts to reconfigure the boundaries and classification of a space.

O’Neill’s work explores the ever-expanding space we inhabit, and the temporal nature of perception which are limited and framed by the abstraction of experience. It is her view that, when observed as a visual landscape, the shift in viewpoint can change how a city is perceived. She suggests that, from a distance, cities are miniaturised, and often pastoralised, but the miniature scale affords a detachability, enabling a manipulative narrative to be created; a technique often exploited by governing bodies to create a perfected illusion of society hiding the truth within (e.g., poverty, discrimination, abuse).

Influenced by the theories of feminist geography, O’Neill’s practice explores spatial structures and attempts to reconfigure space. By breaking down the inside/outside boundaries within a city’s visual landscape it becomes obscene and to be obscene, in her view, is to be beyond human control and categorisation. By deconstructing the city, she hopes to defy the patriarchy’s classification of the ‘masculine city’.