Rachel McClure

’Untitled’ from series Reverence


59.4cm x 42cm

Courtesy of the artist


Rachel McClure is a visual artist based in Northern Ireland. A Graduate of the Belfast School of Art, Ulster University, she obtained her Bachelor (Hons) Degree in Photography with Video. McClure’s work is driven by her curiosity of spirituality and her connection within the natural world. There is a drive in her practice to take the intangible and make it tactile, embedding the ethereal into material.

Treating her photographic practice as a ritualistic meditation, McClure follows her intuition and allows the medium to help her feel a deeper connection with the world within, and around her. This practice becomes a source of healing and understanding, image by image, a form of grounding.

In a short period of time McClure experienced the collapse of her lifelong relationship with religion. This piece, from the series Reverence represents her attempts at spiritual reconnection through the art of photography. Allowing her subconscious to take over, McClure explores the burden of human existence. By doing so, she has created a space for contemplation, a still point in a world that is constantly in flux.