Sarah Cathers

Land (2021)

Mixed media (framed piece)

32cm x 45cm

Courtesy of the artist

Sarah Cathers is an artist who describes herself as a naturally curious collector with an urge to record and preserve the forgotten. Fascinated by adhesives and their ability to secure and fasten materials together, she focuses on the binding capabilities of thread, using fibres to conceal and repair. Cathers aims to preserve an object’s history, acknowledging the past while recognising the potential to be something other than the original purpose.

She collects discarded objects, mending and combining materials to assemble small sculptures, juxtaposing the unlikely to create a tangible record of the environment and people. Cathers curates objects of curiosity in 'families' based on an instinctive response or relationship between materials.

Driven by the process of fragmentation, she approaches her practice as a modern-day archaeologist, challenging this concept of worth by questioning the preciousness of objects by juxtaposing the unlikely.